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Portable Generator Center is your premier resource for any portable generator for sale or portable generator rental need. Our local partners offer the very best in portable generators. Rated for construction sites, home use, recreational activities, and more. To save you time and money we have pre-screened companies provider the following portable generator types:

  • Gas Generators
  • Propane Generators
  • Diesel Generators
  • Natural Gas Generators
  • Dual Fuel Generators
  • Inverter Generators

Portable Generator Uses

The uses for portable generators are varied. Because they are the cheapest and most effective way to generate power in certain situations (construction sites, power outages, etc.) they are always a great product to have. Construction sites utilize them to run tools, air compressors, drills, portable lights, etc. while homes can use them to run appliances during power outages. Portable generators range in sizes and wattage, which will have an effect on what they can be utilized for.

Portable Generator FAQ

How Much Does a Portable Generator Rental Cost?

Price for a portable generator rental will depend on the wattage required as well as rental duration, generator engine type, and other factors.

How Many Watts Do I Need?

A standard portable generator runs at 1,000 watts and is generally all you will need for most recreational activities and household electricity. If you are going to be running a lot of power tools you may want to increase your wattage to the vicinity of 8,000 instead.

What Is An Inverter Generator?

An portable inverter generator is a smaller and quieter than a traditional portable generator. Working off a process of converting the DC power it generates into AC power through the use of an inverter module. Typically portable generators put off direct AC power forcing them to run at higher RPM's. This is why they are much louder and less efficient than the portable inverter generator which only needs to run as fast as the load requirement it is sustaining.