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Portable Gas Generators

There are several different types of portable gas generators that run of different types of combustion engines. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of fuel used. Below is a description and some of the pros of each of these types of gas portable generators.

Gas Generators

Typically when talking about a portable gas generator, one is referring to the same type of gas that runs most automobiles. The advantages of gasoline portable generators is the availability of the fuel. Every gas station will have fuel available for your to refill your portable gasoline generator. The disadvantages are that gasoline is extremely flammable and has a short shelf life.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas portable generators are another popular version of power sources. They have the distinct advantage of being the most environmentally friendly version of fuel around. It is efficient and runs cleaner than every other gas type without the odor associated with operating a gas or diesel generator. The problem with natural gas portable generators, however, is they are much more expensive to run due to the infrequency of fuel stations having natural gas supplies.

Diesel Generators

Since the most important factor almost every consumer considers is price of fuel, diesel generators have grown in popularity. While this may seem counter-intuitive because the price of diesel is currently higher than regular gas, the amount of work hours one can extract from a gallon of diesel gas is much higher than regular and thus its fuel efficiency is what makes it the more affordable options. The biggest disadvantage of portable diesel generators however is that with the more efficient use of fuel most of the time they are louder and less environmentally than other portable gas generators

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